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BGB was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing an answer to the growing shortage of qualified dentists in the Netherlands. As of 2023 we’ve helped over 300 dentists with 18 nationalities. Besides that, the scope of our work has increased greatly and we’re proud to say that we help our dentists with everything related to starting a new life and career as a dentist in Holland.

Our complete program includes a language course including Dentistry Dutch, a guaranteed job at a Dutch dental clinic, a BIG registration, help & guidance with practical matters such as housing and insurances, and continued career guidance of our BGB dentists. And last but not least, a sense of community through events, parties, and BGB masterclasses.


Upcoming startdates

We start the program four times a year, which lasts a total of 20 weeks. The first step is always a personal intake interview.

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I am glad I chose to work with BGB

I am glad I chose to work with BGB


BGB were so helpful at getting us settled in.

I can wholeheartedly recommend BGB.

BGB values you as a dentist and is always by your side.

I would recommend every dentist to start a career in the Netherlands, in order to develop yourself.

Frequently asked questions

The Dutch Language Exam for Medical Professionals is a mandatory exam for healthcare professionals who would like to work in the Netherlands. To legally work in the Netherlands, you need to be registered at the BIG register. In order to be registered, you need to submit proof of sufficient language skills. The certificate you receive after successfully passing the Dutch Language Exam is recognized as sufficient proof by BIG.

Before, this exam had the same structure as all the different language institutes offering this exam. That meant two exams (A + B ) that consist of the following parts: writing a summary about a dentistry-related article, giving a presentation about said article, acting out a role-play and writing a patient report. The language level of this exam is a B2+/C1 level.

However, since 2023, institutions are free to decide on the structure of the exam, as long as it has 4 components: reading, listening, speaking and writing, and as long as the language level remains the same.

Therefore, we have created a new language exam for our dentists, with a different structure. Starting July 2023, dentists take 4 exams, one exam for each skill: reading, listening, speaking and writing. It’s important to note that each exam will be in the context of Dentistry Dutch.

Dentists who are already in the Netherlands are also welcome to take this new exam at our office in Koog aan de Zaan. We now also offer this exam to students with a non-EU diploma.

If you would like to work in the Netherlands as soon as possible, you can start our 20-week language program at different times of the year. In the year 2023, three new groups have already started, while we are now busy selecting dentists who will be available in September or October.

For 2024, new groups will start in February, August and September.

Please note that the deadline for enrolment is max 1 month before the course start date.

Check this page for all the latest updates, available places and starting dates of the next groups. You can also send in your application here, or contact our recruiter Arjen for further info!

There is no specific end date, as we offer you an indefinite contract. However, we do ask for a minimum commitment of 2 or 3 years to be able to earn back the investments we make up-front.

Yes, of course. Better said, providing a better future for your family and kids is one of the reasons why we see our dentists relocating to the Netherlands. And we will be happy to help you make this happen. Please keep in mind that the language program is intensive and that you will need to be available full-time for a period of 15 weeks, of which 10 weeks are on-site at our Academy. In order to organize all this, of course, we would like to help and come up with solutions with you, so please discuss your situation with us, so we can give you the best advice.

All costs are covered by BGB. We pay for the flights, the hotel, the food and the drinks and of course the Dutch Language Program. Basically, from the moment you sign, until the day you start earning a salary, we cover almost everything, except for some personal expenses you might have. In return, we ask for your long-term commitment of (preferably) 3 years.

A BIG registration is a legal, online and public register to which you need to be subscribed in order to be able to work independently as a healthcare professional in the Netherlands.  BIG stands for Beroepen in de Individuele Gezondheidszorg (Professions in Individual Healthcare), and when your registration is complete, you receive a registration number that allows you to practice your profession.

As a foreign dentist, you are obligated to pass the language exam for medical professionals as a requirement to be registered in the BIG.




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