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BGB was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing an answer to the growing shortage of qualified dentists in the Netherlands. Initially, our efforts focused on recruiting dentists in Spain (which has a surplus of personnel) and arranging for them a job with a Dutch dental clinic. Over the years, the scope of our work has increased greatly, and now includes language education and the continued career guidance of EU dentists working in the Netherlands.

As of 2019, BGB is an independent and certified educator that guides dentists in the process of moving to the Netherlands from start to finish. We work with dentists from all over the European Union and we are always looking for new ways to help young professionals realize their ambitions in Dutch dentistry.

Throughout its existence, BGB has always aimed to operate in accordance with its own principles and codes. The essence of our philosophy can be found in our name, "Buena Gente Buena". This is Spanish for "Good, good people", which refers to people who are not just good as professionals, but are also pleasant to work with.

Concretely, this means that, in addition to looking at your qualifications and skills as a dentist, we will also be looking for that personal connection. This is because we firmly believe that it's not just raw technical skill, but also a good, positive feeling between both parties that makes for a pleasant and fruitful cooperation.

What this means for our way of working is that we always look at the long term. We do what we do because we believe it will make a positive contribution towards the future of both Dutch dentistry and your career as a dentist.

If you would like to know more about the way BGB works, and about how and why we do the things the way we do, check out our rules of engagement. This document is presented to both our in-house employees and to the dentists we work with. It will give you a more accurate idea of how we approach our work every day, and to see if you feel compatible with our mentality.

To read the Rules of Engagement, simply click here.

  • Sebastian Schreijer
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    Bart Ensing
    Team Lead
  • Arjen Versteeg
  • Robin Schonewille
    Account Manager
  • Ana Expósito
    Quality Manager
  • Daniëlla Visser
    Academy Coordinator
  • Jesse Dolman
  • Jelmer Rab
    Operational Lead
  • Andrea Aramu
  • Catherine Terwee
    Account Manager
  • Aneta Dosoudilova
  • Maciej Ginalski
    Administrative Support
  • Rita Marinho
    Dentist Advisor
  • Leony Vos
    Hotel Manager
  • Nienke Over
    Career Consultant
  • Dário Macário
    Career Consultant
  • Ana Camargo
    Financial Administrator
  • Josie Pichler
    Academy Hostess
  • João Miranda
  • Elena Rodríguez
  • Matteo Barboni
  • Joana Pinto
  • Valentina Tarone
  • Román Moraleja
  • Jacob Chrysochoou
  • Flavia Baña Piñeiro
  • Carolina Ventura
  • Eduardo Escaf
  • Katerina Katapidi
  • Magdalena Krukowska
  • Carlos Berrocal
  • Joris Schmitt
    Recruitment Assistent
  • Cátia Perez
  • Andreia Crespo

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