There are many ways to study and practice Dutch. You can sign up for online or offline courses to increase your level, you can buy books to study by yourself and then there is of course the wonderful world of the internet. The internet is full of resources to practice Dutch. You can find instruction videos on Youtube, do online exercises on websites or read the Dutch news. In fact, there are so many resources that it might be a bit overwhelming to find your way in it all. If that’s the case, this is for you. In this article we will share some great online resources to improve and practice your Dutch.

1. Dutch Reader                                                                                                                             (reading skills)

Dutch reader is an online tool to practice your reading skills. No abstract articles but real and current news articles to learn and practice your new vocabulary.

How does it work?

  • Go to:
  • Install the Google Chrome extension (note: you need Google Chrome or a browser that supports Chrome extensions, such as Opera)
  • Create an account
  • Select your language level and your own language
  • Select a category of your interest
  • Click on an article and start practicing!

In every news article the difficult vocabulary is underlined. When you click on the word, Dutch Reader will show a translation in an extra window. In this same window you can practice with the words from the article by filling in the blanks and you can select new articles.

2. Lyrics Training                                                                                                                           (listening skills)

Lyrics Training is for the music lovers among us! You can practice Dutch by listening to Dutch songs – a win-win!

How does it work?

  • Go to: (double check if ‘Dutch’ is selected as language)
  • Pick a song. You immediately see the top 10 popular songs. Start with these.
  • Select your level. You can start easy and make it more difficult for yourself later on.
  • Fill in the missing words in de song.

When you create an account you can also compete against each other. A fun thing to do together with your colleagues or friends.

3. Italki                                                                                                                                              (Dutch lessons)

Italki is a platform that connects language teachers and students around the world. You can pick a range of languages – but of course you want to study Dutch! You can find a teacher on this platform for online classes, often at very good rates. This means the classes offered here aren’t free – but they are cheaper than any official language school. Plus – they are one on one and tailored to your specific needs!

Would you like to keep on practicing your Dutch without breaking the bank? You might be able to find a good match on this platform.

Go to:

4. Articles: ‘de’ or ‘het’?                                                                                                                      (grammar)

It remains a difficult topic for anyone who is learning the Dutch language. When do you use the article ‘de’ or the article ‘het’ in front of a word? There are some rules to hold on to but they aren’t sufficient to really find your way around the Dutch articles. All you can do is practice a lot, and that’s exactly what you can do on this website: practice with Dutch articles!

Not only that, you can also enter a noun to quickly see what the correct article would be. Useful eh?

You can find the exercises at:

5. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen                                                                                                 (pronunciation)

De University of Groningen developed videos to practice different sounds in Dutch so you can improve your pronunciation. On their Youtube channel you’ll find over 60 videos all about the different sounds.

You will find explanations on how to produce certain sounds, videos where you can repeat the sounds and practice videos where you learn how to distinguish sounds.

Do you find pronunciation a different topic and do the B and the P sound the same to you? Then these videos are definitely worth the watch!

You can find them here:

6. Learn Dutch // Bart de Pau                                                                                                 (Youtube videos)

Bart de Pau is a familiar name within the world of learning Dutch. He started the organization ‘Learn Dutch’ and he’s famous for his fun animation videos on Youtube where he explains different routines or grammar topics. Many students love his videos but, of course, it has to be your cup of tea. Tip: search for his ‘soap opera’ videos.

On his website you will find some paid courses but also a lot of freely available materials.

Check out his Youtube channel for some Dutch learning entertainment:

7. Quizlet                                                                                                                                         (vocabulary)

Quizlet is an online tool to practice vocabulary. You can find premade vocabulary lists or you can create your own. There are different ways to practice, such as flashcards, multiple choice, writing the correct translation and writing the word you hear. You also have the possibility to play games with words from the lists. It’s a very fun and effective way to improve your vocabulary.

You can find all info on their website:

Would you like to start learning dentistry-related vocabulary? Download a preview of our vocabulary lists here:

8. Netflix Language Learning                                                                                                    (video)

We all like watching Netflix, sometimes more than we’d like to admit. So how awesome would it be to watch Netflix while studying your Dutch?

Of course, you could watch a movie in English or any other language and put on Dutch subtitles. That’s helpful, but there is an even better way to do so.

There is something called Netflix Language Learning. Yes! It’s a Google Chrome extension that gives you the following extras:

  1. When you watch a Dutch movie, you can turn on subtitles in two different languages: your native language AND Dutch at the same time. This way you hear Dutch, read Dutch yet still understand the missing pieces because you read it in your own language.
  2. Still don’t really understand the word but you are eager to look it up? Just pause Netflix and click on the Word in the subtitle. It will immediately give you the translation.
  3. Do you want a create a list of words with your newly acknowledged words? When you click on a word to see the translation, just right click a word to save it to your Google account.

Movie tip: The Resistance Banker

Go to:

We hope these 8 online resources will help you get started with learning the Dutch language or that they will help you improve the level you already have.

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