Over the years, BGB Dentistry’s project evolved a lot. In the first months of our company’s existence across 2012 and 2013, when we were still operating as DPA Spanish Professionals, we were busy helping 20 Spanish dentists start their jobs at one of the biggest dentistry chains of the Netherlands. Not soon after, in the summer of 2013, we got a call from the first serious clinic that wanted to see if it would be possible for a dentist from another European country to work in their clinic. In 2019, this is the most normal thing in the world, but back in those days, there were few clinics who recognised the value of this.

The clinic that did recognise that and contacted us was dental clinic Schoffelen from Brunssum, a town in the southern province of Limburg. This clinic’s owners are Lou and Enny, whom I met during a dental congress in Amsterdam and later in their clinic, and we got along well immediately. Because this was to be our first assignment outside of our big client, we agreed that I would not ask for a fee in exchange to get some insight in the value of having a dentist from abroad work in a clinic. And so we opened our doors to all of Dutch dentistry, and the rest is history.

Over the years, BGB Dentistry has moved its focus from purely the recruiting aspect of our work to primarily being an educator. Our passion for languages is what motivated us to get in touch every day with dentists from all over Europe who wished to come to the Netherlands. As a result, we slowly but steadily transformed into a language institute while moving further away from being a recruitment agency. Our price also changed, moving from the standard one-time fee that most Dutch recruitment agencies use to a monthly fee based on a percentage of the revenue, ending up at our current model of an all-in honorarium. This includes the dentist’s salary, the language course and the HR fee, and this package is comparable to the honorarium of a Dutch dentist.

Across all these phases, there is only one client who has taken each step with us: dental clinic Schoffelen.

Lou and Enny of dental clinic Schoffelen with Carlos, Christina and Tomislava, their future colleagues, and account manager Robin of BGB Dentistry.


When they were looking to expand after their first dentist had settled to full satisfaction, we agreed upon a steady fee. In 2018, they were again looking to expand, and by that time our offer had shifted to a monthly fee. And since we became the independent company BGB Dentistry as of January 1st, 2019, we came up with the best version of our project, in which the afore-mentioned honorarium includes all the costs and is at the same time comparable to the costs of hiring a Dutch colleague.

Of course, it was inevitable that this way of cooperating would also be experienced by Lou and Enny, which means that, in January 2020, they will welcome 3(!) BGB colleagues to their clinic in Brunssum.

With this short article, I would like to thank Lou and Enny for all these years of confidence and cooperation, and hope that we will continue to work together under these pleasant circumstances for many years to come.

– Sebastian Schreijer, BGB Dentistry.