Finally! After several years of hard studying at the university, you have finally graduated as a dentist. Time to enter the labour market! However, due to a large surplus of dentists in Spain, it can be difficult to find a (suitable) job at short term.

So what about the idea of working abroad? And specifically, working as a dentist in the Netherlands?

Advantages of working as a dentist in the Netherlands

Due to a shortage of dentists in the Netherlands, there are many job opportunities for recently graduated dentists like you.
Okay, in terms of weather and climate, the Netherlands can’t compete with Spain ofcourse, but in terms of work, working in a Dutch dental clinic offers many advantages:

• You can perform all treatments within general dentistry, so your days are never the same and you always have a varied job.
• You are respected as a young dentist
• You will enjoy a pleasant work-life balance
• You work a maximum of 8 hours per day, so you can also enjoy your free time in the evenings and weekends
• Plenty of opportunities for professional development
• Good job conditions & salaries


Good experiences with Spanish dentists

Due to the high quality of Dentistry at Spanish universities and the fact that Spanish dentists adapt quickly in the Netherlands, Dutch dental practices ánd patients are happy with their Spanish dentists.

Regarding the treatments, ofcourse a Dutch dental clinic won’t expect from you – as newly graduated dentist – that you will perform the most advanced treatments on day 1. You will get time for this, but of course you are expected to be eager to learn and to be able to perform basic treatments, such as making a diagnosis, making a filling, an endo, an extraction and simple prosthodontic treatments.

However, the Netherlands, like many other European countries, does have a language requirement these days, which means you have to pass a language test before you can get registered in the Dutch health system.
Something you don’t have to worry about at all, because BGB – which stands for Buena Gente Buena – is an accredited language institute with 10 years of experience in guiding successfully Spanish dentists in learning the language and starting a career in the Netherlands.

With the help of the BGB programme, we ensure that you can reach the required level within 20 weeks and besides, we guide you in all necessary steps to make a successful start in the Netherlands, like finding a job in a Dutch dental clinic, help with housing and paperwork.

By now, we have already helped more than 300 dentists, who have successfully completed our program and started their career in the Netherlands. Like Adolfo, who now works in the south of the Netherlands. Or Eduardo, Felix and Román, three Spanish dentists who live in The Hague.

So in short, have you just graduated and does the idea of working as a dentist in the Netherlands sound interesting? Then contact Arjen Versteeg at and who knows, it won’t be long before you are performing your first fillings in a Dutch dental practice!



Photo by Daniel Frank