Many years ago we developed our courses at the BGB Academy to teach Dutch to foreign dentists. We found a good location for our Academy in Seefeld in Tirol, we recruited great teachers and decided on our teaching methods and tools. The only obstacle was teaching our students Dutch specific to the field of dentistry, since there aren’t any methods or books on the market that fill this niche.

When treating patients as a dentist, your communicative skills are highly important. To establish a relationship with your patients, especially as a foreign dentist, it’s necessary to gain their trust, to be able to explain treatments and answer any questions they might have. In their native language preferably.

Even though the internet is full of resources about dentistry in the Netherlands, they did not provide the structure a regular curriculum offers. And since one of our main goals is to help our students master the Dutch language – not only for daily life but also within the dental clinic – we decided to create our very own book to teach our students dentistry-specific Dutch.

We’ve just finished a major update of our book and we’re very proud of the result. Sixteen chapters full of dental themes, vocabulary lists, grammar exercises, audio and video exercises and an e-learning platform to accompany the book. Besides that, we added an extra online course for our students to follow on their own the moment they start working in the Netherlands.

If you want to get your first impression of Dutch dental vocabulary, feel free to download a sneak peak of the vocabulary lists from Dentaal.

Would you like to learn more about the Dutch language exam or the BGB Academy? Check out this article.

Are you excited to start learning Dutch as a dentist? Contact us about the possibilities.

PS: Taal in Dutch means ‘language’. Dentaal means ‘dental’. The name of our book is therefore a reference to dental language.

Click here to download our Dutch dentistry vocabulary list.