BGB helps dentists from all over Europe find their way to the Netherlands. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the same service to dentists from outside Europe.

Here’s why.

The process of entering the Dutch dentistry market differs greatly for a citizen of a non-EU country. Therefore, the project that we have built around helping EU dentists cannot be offered to a non-EU dentist and still work in the same way. This means that, if you are not in possession of an EU passport and a dentistry degree that is recognized in the EU, we regrettably cannot assist you in taking this step.

In case you are still interested in working in the Netherlands, know that it is a long and complex process. All dentists who work in the Netherlands have to be registered with the the national health registry – the BIG. Among the requirements is the ability to speak Dutch at B2 level or higher.

As a non-EU resident, you will have additional obligations, such as validating your dentistry degree, obtaining a work-residence permit and possibly following additional dentistry courses. You can visit and for more information on what is required to be registered in the Netherlands as a dentist.