Although we believe money should never be a goal, it can be nice to know what can be the result of working as a dentist in the Netherlands.
After 10 years of working with dentists and 3 years of hiring them at our own firm, we are quite confident to share some averages of salaries that you can expect if you decide to sign with us.

The numbers listed below represent the salary growth of a recently graduated dentist. If you have more experience, you will start at a higher salary, but the rest of the growth will be more or less similar. This has to do with the fact that, regardless your previous experience, you will need some acclimatisation time to get to the higher salaries.

Salaries are in gross per month with the approximate net amount in parenthesis, and they have to be multiplied by 12 to get the yearly amounts (so no 13th or 14th month).


 Start   €3000 (€2475)
 Year 1   €3500 (€2975) – €4000 (€3325)
 Year 2   €4500 (€3650) – €5000 (€3950)
 Year 3   €5500 (€4225) – €6000 (€4525)
 After year 3   €8000 (€5600) – €12000 (€8000)


These salaries are averages and ultimately depend on your own progress as a dentist, the possibilities of the clients you work for and the negotiation we perform. Some will not be getting the same results within the same amount of time (and we will biannually discuss why and how to solve it) and others will outperform these numbers. Some of our colleagues have already achieved 6500-7000 gross in their second year and have grown to 16K per month by the time they’ve passed the 3-year barrier. But these are exceptional outliers.

Are you thinking about working as a dentist in the Netherlands and would like to know more in detail what you are able to earn with us? Send your job application or get in touch with Arjen at for a first job interview!




Image by Photo Mix via Pixabay