We are looking for ambitious and experienced dentists to take over a clinic in the southern coastal region of Spain. The current owner plans to retire, and wishes for the clinic he ran across many years to continue helping its patients. The clinic is currently fully operational and ran by an experienced staff.

The clinic has an international character. Both the staff and the regular patients cover multiple nationalities, including many Dutch patients, so it is preferred for the new owner(s) to have a good command of multiple languages, such as Dutch, Spanish and/or English.

In addition to language skills, dental skills are, of course, important as well. Many treatments are performed within the clinic, including surgical procedures such as implants. As such, dentists who work here should be comfortable and capable with the full scope of dentistry.

Having been in existence for over 30 years, this clinic has a stable and experienced staff including dental assistants, a mouth hygienist, and a Dutch receptionist, all of whom have 15+ years of experience with the clinic. The clinic also employs a young dentist who has been educated and trained in Spain.

If desired, the current owner and his wife are willing to continue supporting the new owner(s) for a period of time, making for a gradual, smooth transition into the new ownership.

Seeing as the clinic offers a wide array of dental treatments, the position is also ideal for dentists who want to do more than just regular check-ups and fillings.

Have you dreamed about owning your own clinic? Do you like working in an international environment? Would you like to use your full expertise as a dentist? Then hesitate no longer and click here to send in your application!