It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been an extraordinary year for all of us. COVID-19 turned the whole world upside-down, and at the moment of writing this article, the end is unfortunately not yet in sight.

With all the current measures, restrictions and other uncertainties, you can ask yourself if this is the right time to start a career abroad. However, this might just be the right moment to take this exciting step and become a dentist in Holland, in spite of COVID. Here’s why.

Good safety protocols in Dutch dental offices  

Is it safe to work in a Dutch dental clinic? Absolutely. It is telling that Dutch dental clinics barely had to improve their safety protocols in the wake of the pandemic. This is because they already had thorough safety measures in place. For many years already, hygiene, safety and cleaniless have been vital aspects of every dental clinic. In addition to these established safety standards, extra precautions have been taken to deal with the risk of infection, such as asking patients to clean and desinfect their hands upon entering the clinic, as well as filling in a triage. This allows dentists to continue working in a safe and healthy environment.

Dentists essential in the Dutch health system

When COVID-19 reached its peak in the spring of 2020, Dutch dental clinics limited their activities and only treated emergency cases. However, after just a month, these clinics started receiving and treating more patients again. This is because dentistry plays a key role in Dutch healthcare. Patients usually go to the dentist twice a year to get their oral health checked. By performing preventive dentistry, possible diseases can be avoided or treated in time. This is why dentists are crucial in the Dutch healthcare system, and why this job is so important in the Netherlands.

Full agendas and pro-active clinics

Dutch dental clinics are used to receiving a high volume of patients every day. This was the case before COVID, but it is just as true during this pandemic. Is it exactly the same as before? Not yet entirely, but dentists are back to receiving a high amount of patients again. As a consequence of the pandemic, there are still patients who cancel or postpone their appointments. For this reason, clinics are pro-active in contacting other patients to fill any sudden gaps. Clinics do their best to reduce the effects of the pandemic on their day-to-day work to a minimum.

Shortage of dentists

As I wrote in this article, the Netherlands is still facing a shortage of dentists, making it an attractive destinations for dentists looking to start a career abroad. Still today, not enough dentistry graduates emerge from the universities each year to fill the available vacancies, making it difficult for Dutch clinics to find new colleagues. This is why the Netherlands is definitely an option you should consider if you’re interested in working and living abroad.

Time for a reset? 

Although Corona affects (and has affected) the lives of all of us, our current situation also grants us the opportunity to reflect on our own lives and to determine what’s important for us going forward. Perhaps you have thought about this yourself, already. Are you happy with your current job, life and surroundings? Or did you always have the ambition to live and work somewhere abroad? Maybe this is the right moment to make a life-changing decision and start your career as a dentist in the Netherlands.

More arguments to start a career as dentist in the Netherlands 

In this article I have listed some arguments why you should still consider a career in the Netherlands despite the COVID pandemic. However, there are more reasons to think about the Netherlands as your next career destination. Read them in this article.

Starting a career in the Netherlands through BGB Dentistry: Safety first! 

If you are thinking (now) about a career in the Netherlands, BGB Dentistry can help you with your relocation by offering a Dutch language course, finding a job in a Dutch dental clinic and providing help with all the other necessary steps.

Because it’s obligatory to pass a Dutch language exam, BGB has created an intensive Dutch language course to help you reach the required level within a couple of months. This course will take place before relocating to the Netherlands and will partly be offered online.

The advantage of this online course is that you don’t have to travel yet and that you’re already preparing yourself for your new life in the Netherlands.

After 10 weeks, we will invite you to continue the language course on location in Seefeld, Austria, where we will offer you a safe environment to continue your studies.

If this has piqued your interest? Check out our vacancy and contact me on

Photo credits to Yusuf Belek