BGB Academy

The BGB Academy: Language training for dentists

The BGB Academy primarily operates from Seefeld, Austria, where we provide full-time Dutch language training to dentists, taking them from the most basic Dutch all the way to B2 level.

The course starts from the comfort of your own home, with two blocks of 4.5 weeks each of online training. During this period, you will receive classes from our teachers along with fellow students, allowing you to learn the language alongside your peers.

The final part of the course will take place on-location in Seefeld, Austria, where you will be taken all the way to B2 (academic) level and receive extensive exam training from our specialists.

Dentists who already live in the Netherlands and/or already speak Dutch at a certain level can also ask for our help. We provide language training and exam preparations, and you are able to take the exam on location at our head office in Koog aan de Zaan (20 minutes from Amsterdam). For more information, visit our website

Why learn Dutch with BGB?

In the Netherlands, you are required by law to learn B2 level Dutch if you want to work here as a dentist unsupervised. BGB has a complete language program dedicated to dentists. Whether you are learning Dutch from scratch, or you already speak Dutch and merely wish to take the exam, we always try to find a solution that fits your specific situation.

Dentaal: Dutch for dentists

Over the course of several years, BGB Academy has developed (and continues to develop) course materials specifically for dentists. This includes our class book Dentaal, which we use for our Dutch course in Austria. The book contains many chapters about areas of dentistry, and teaches you how to talk about them in Dutch.

Whether it's discussing a complex extraction with a co-worker or explaining an endodontic treatment to a patient, Dentaal provides you with the tools to make you feel at ease working in a Dutch dental clinic.

Alongside Dentaal, we have also created many other handy tools, such as our own online environment that you can use to practice all the different aspects of Dutch.


Due to the diversity of our services, our costs depend on the program that caters to your needs. It is important to note that we will decide upon the program together based on a free language in-take and mutual agreement.

Join BGB Academy today!

If you would like to learn Dutch with BGB, take one of the following two steps:

  • Are you looking to join the full BGB program in Seefeld? Send an e-mail to Arjen at You can also visit our information page to learn more about the service package we offer.

  • Would you like a more specific service, such as exam training, or just take the exam right away? Get in touch with the BGB Academy.

Want to know more about the full BGB program?

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