The Dutch dentistry market is booming. Modern clinics, high-quality dental care, and plenty of patients. Yet Dutch clinics are struggling to find enough talented dentists. This makes Holland the ideal destination for European dentists who are looking to take the next step in their career. But how do you get here?

BGB helps dentists such as yourself kickstart their Dutch dentistry career. Our complete program includes an all-encompassing Dutch language course, assistance with all the paperwork and registrations, a guaranteed job in a Dutch dental clinic, and extensive guidance with finding housing and more once you are in the Netherlands. BGB is here to help you take your career to the next level.

The BGB program: guidance from start to finish

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Frequently asked questions

How long does the BGB program take?
The e-learning training that you can do from your own home takes 10 weeks, and then the language course in Seefeld will take another 10 weeks.
Are there costs involved with the program?
There are no costs for you. You will be directly employed by BGB, which means that we will give you an indefinite contract, a monthly salary, and pay for your education. The only thing we ask in return is a commitment of 3 years in working with us.
Will I have enough money to live a proper life in the Netherlands?
Absolutely. Dentists are paid well in the Netherlands. Your initial salary with BGB will depend on your experience and profile, and will be agreed upon before you enter the project. However, with all of the salary scales we offer, you will easily be able to pay all your bills and enjoy life to the fullest.
What are the requirements for entering the project?
You have to have a European dentistry degree and hold an EU nationality.
Can I join the project if I have a dentistry degree from outside of the EU?
Unfortunately not. With a dentistry degree from outside of the EU, it can take many months or even years of extra paperwork, and even then we cannot guarantee that you will get a work and residence permit. This is why we are regrettably not able to offer our service to those who do not hold an EU degree and/or nationality.
Can I work in the Netherlands without knowing the language?
It is true that nearly everyone in the Netherlands speaks English, but you have to speak Dutch at B2/C1 level in order to be included in the Dutch national healthcare registry. Being registered there is a requirement to work unsupervised as a dentist.
Do I need your help? Can I just go to the Netherlands myself?
It would be very difficult. You would have to learn Dutch by yourself, arrange all the paperwork, and find a job and a house by yourself. While not impossible on paper, this would cost you a lot of time and money.
How difficult is it to learn Dutch?
That depends on a lot of criteria. What is your native language? Do you already speak other languages? Do you have a talent for language-learning? Still, while it may take one person more effort than another, our course is designed to teach you professional level Dutch within 4 months regardless of your background.

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