If you’re a foreign dentist interested in starting a new career in the Netherlands, learning dentistry-related vocabulary is not only interesting, but it’s also absolutely necessary. There are a number of reasons why speaking general Dutch won’t be enough, such as patient communication and the Dutch language exam.

The BGB course consists of 4 different blocks and an exam training. The fourth block is completely dedicated to learning Dentistry Dutch. Over the years, we’ve developed our own teaching method called Dentaal. ‘Dentaal’ in Dutch means dental whereas ‘taal’ means language.

In this method you will learn about the 16 most common themes in Dentistry. It’s a book full of articles, vocabulary lists, vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises, and there’s also plenty of room to practice listening skills, reading skills, writing skills, conversational skills, and of course role-plays. Our book comes with access to an online learning platform.

After our course, you will have sufficient knowledge of dentistry Dutch to start working as a dentist in the Netherlands.

Are you curious what dentistry Dutch sounds like? Check out our video series on Youtube, Dutch for Dentists!


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