The Dutch Language Exam for Medical Professionals is a mandatory exam for healthcare professionals who would like to work in the Netherlands. To legally work in the Netherlands, you need to be registered at the BIG register. In order to be registered, you need to submit proof of sufficient language skills. The certificate you receive after successfully passing the Dutch Language Exam is recognized as sufficient proof by BIG.

Before, this exam had the same structure as all the different language institutes offering this exam. That meant two exams (A + B ) that consist of the following parts: writing a summary about a dentistry-related article, giving a presentation about said article, acting out a role-play and writing a patient report. The language level of this exam is a B2+/C1 level.

However, since 2023, institutions are free to decide on the structure of the exam, as long as it has 4 components: reading, listening, speaking and writing, and as long as the language level remains the same.

Therefore, we have created a new language exam for our dentists, with a different structure. Starting July 2023, dentists take 4 exams, one exam for each skill: reading, listening, speaking and writing. It’s important to note that each exam will be in the context of Dentistry Dutch.

Dentists who are already in the Netherlands are also welcome to take this new exam at our office in Koog aan de Zaan. We now also offer this exam to students with a non-EU diploma.


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