Once you’ve finished the BGB Academy course, it’s time for the Dutch language exam. The level of this exam is a B2+ level, and you need to have sufficient knowledge of dentistry Dutch.

It can happen that you don’t fully master Dutch on a B2+ level yet and therefore, you don’t pass (or only partly pass) the Dutch language exam.

If this is the case: don’t worry! You will still move to the Netherlands. The first week is dedicated to arranging some practical things while you stay near our office. If needed, you will follow an extra training during this week and reattempt the exam. After, you will start your internship of 3 weeks. In the case you haven’t passed the exam yet, we will offer you extra classes (included in the BGB program) to raise your language level. We will then schedule a date for your next try. We will continue this process as long as necessary.

However, almost everyone receives their BIG-registration within 6 months after finishing the course.


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