Which documents you need for a BIG registration depends in part on the country where you have obtained your diploma; for some countries, extra documentation is required. However, the common documents that are required are:

  • Original diploma (or certified copy)
  • Diploma supplement (original/certified copy + translation)
  • A Certificate of Conduct from all the countries where you have studied/worked/lived
  • A Certificate of Current Professional Status (C.C.P.S.) from the authority (either Ministry of Health or Dental Board) of all countries where you have studied AND/OR worked
  • If you have ONLY studied in a certain country, you will need a so called Letter on Non Registration from the same authority listed on the previous point
  • An updated CV
  • A copy of your ID/passport
  • Proof op passing the official Dutch Language Exam (level B2+)
  • If you graduated over 5 years ago, you will need a statement from your employer(s)

We know exactly what the requirements are per country and since we have years of experience, we will guide you through the document list, so that we have everything we need to register you in the BIG.


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