After you finish the BGB language course, your life in the Netherlands will finally start! Typically, you will arrive in the Netherlands the weekend after your final language exam. For the week that follows, you will stay in a hotel in Koog aan de Zaan, near the BGB office. Naturally, we’ll make all the arrangements for you.

The reason you’re staying close to the BGB office this week is because we have to take care of some paperwork, and having you present for the necessary appointments saves us both a lot of time. It’s also a good opportunity to personally meet more members of the BGB team!

Our office is a 5-minute walk from the famous Zaanse Schans, a historical area with lots of windmills, old houses and the very first Albert Heijn supermarket. The only way to arrive in a more typically Dutch fashion would be to wear wooden shoes!

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Arjen Versteeg

Head of Recruitment

A second exam attempt, if needed

You may be wondering if you’ll still be coming to the Netherlands if you didn’t pass the language exam. The answer is: yes! In fact, if for whatever reason you didn’t get the result you were hoping for during the exam, you’ll immediately get the opportunity to pass it anyway.

Inbetween your other appointments, you’ll get tutoring from our teachers on location at the office. Together, you will take a look at the things that didn’t go well during the first exam, and improve upon those points.

As you will by now expect of BGB, our tutoring and advice will be custom-tailored for you, so that you will maximize your chances to get a better exam result even if it’s just been a week since your first attempt.

Usually, this second exam will take place on Friday, and you will get your results on that same day, meaning you’ll learn if you have passed your exam before you start working at the clinic.

Should you not be able to pass the exam during this second attempt, we will simply continue to prepare for another exam through online classes after work.

Taking care of business

Even if you passed the exam with flying colors on your first attempt (and we have all the confidence that you will!), there are still a few things we will need to take care of during your first week in the Netherlands.

We will help register you in the country, which usually requires you to come with us to an appointment at the town hall. It’s nothing too complicated, but just something we’d of course like to take care of before you start working.

During this week, we will also take care of any other things that need to be attended to before you start working, such as travel to and from the clinic, insurances, and dentist clothing for your work.

If this all sounds overwhelming and complex, don’t worry, BGB is there to help you every step of the way.

Just to be sure, you will still have a lot of free time during this week, and we will put together some fun events like going out to get pizza together. So you will have plenty of opportunity to rest up and relax before your first work week starts.


BIG registration

Seeing as paperwork and administration takes time, it’s inevitable that we won’t be able to take care of everything right away. The BIG registration, for example, may take several weeks to be cleared, even if you passed your language exam on the first attempt.

This is perfectly normal: just know that you will be able to start working in the second week after your arrival to the Netherlands, regardless of the status of your BIG, your language exam, or any other administrative bumps in the road.

After all, it is not only our responsibility but also our passion to make sure that you feel welcome, and that you’re able to hit the ground running.

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Working in a Dutch dental clinic

After our ‘administration week’, it is time to start working at your new clinic!

The first 3 weeks of work will be an internship, during which both you and the dental clinic can decide whether you would like to commit to each other on a more long-term basis. You will be compensated during this internship.

Usually, the clinic where you do your internship is the same one where you will start working. In the case that, for whatever reason, there is no basis for a long-term work relationship, BGB will help you find a new clinic as fast as possible.

In the end, we strive towards finding you a clinic where you will thrive as a dentist and be happy as a person.

Your new home

Of course, an important part of moving to a new country is your new accommodation. BGB will help find you a new house or apartment in the area of your new clinic.

During the initial 3 weeks of internship, we of course still have to await confirmation that this clinic is indeed the one where you’ll be working the next few years. For this first month, we will find you a Bed & Breakfast in the area.

And naturally, once we know you’ll be working at that clinic, we will help you find your new home! Our colleague Nienke knows all the ins and outs of the housing business, so she’s the best person to help you find an amazing new home.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can totally decide for yourself where you want to live. However, we are responsible for finding a suitable dental practice for you, and we do our best to connect you with the clinic that we believe best fits your profile. Then it’s up to you whether you want to live near the clinic or in another village/city. It’s also up to you to decide whether you want to travel to the clinic by car or public transportation (if the latter is possible in your area).

There are several procedures we have to go through when applying for the BIG registration, and the process depends on your nationality and where you have obtained your dentistry qualification. Our standard candidates must have a degree obtained within the EU, as well as a nationality within the EU. Under those circumstances, from the moment of applying, it could take up to 12 weeks to receive the registration. However, the latter applies more in cases where there are missing documents or information that must be submitted to the BIG. If the documents are in order, it usually takes less than 12 weeks.

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