General Dentist

  • Dental care
  • Netherlands
  • Full-time
What we ask of you
  • A dentistry degree acquired in a country that is part of the European Union
  • Experience that is sufficient to allow you to start treating patients from day 1 (Intensive practical exercises at your University also count.)
  • A good command of English
  • Long-term availability
What we can offer you
  • A steady contract
  • A good salary
  • An intensive Dutch course
  • Full support from our dedicated team

European dentists are welcome in the Netherlands

Are you looking forward to working in a modern clinic, gaining experience and feeling appreciated as a professional? BGB Dentistry offers you a vacancy in a country known for its high level of dentistry: the Netherlands. Due to a shortage of dentists in our country, we search the rest of Europe for the best dentists available, who are willing to commit themselves for at least 3 years to treating patients in a Dutch dental clinic.

About BGB

BGB has over 9 years of experience helping dentists settle in the Netherlands. We are looking for people with the same DNA as our 17 employees and the 250 dentists that we have helped find their way in the Netherlands so far. This DNA is summarized in the name of our company: Buena Gente Buena, which refers to people who are not only good professionals, but also pleasant people to work with.

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Frequently asked questions

How many years of experience do I need?
In your application, we will look at your practical experience. This does not just include regular jobs at dental clinics in your country, but also volunteer work and practical trials at your University. Of course, the more experience you have, the easier it will be for you, but there is no set minimum. Your years of experience prior to coming to the Netherlands may influence your starting salary, but even our least experienced dentists earn a salary that allows them to live comfortably in the Netherlands.
Am I required to learn Dutch?
Yes. As of January of 2017, it is required by Dutch law that every dentist who works in the Netherlands has to speak Dutch at B2 level or higher. As such, dentists who arrive here from abroad have to pass a Dutch language test in order to obtain the required registration. It is possible to work here as a dentist without this registration, but only under supervision. The BGB program includes an extensive Dutch course that helps prepare you for this mandatory language exam.
Why should I work with BGB?
Over the past decade, BGB has already helped hundreds of dentists settle in the Netherlands. We know exactly what the requirements are for working as a dentist in Holland, and how to help you meet those requirements. We also offer you the stability of a long-term contract with a good salary, as well as an experienced team comprised of 7 nationalities that is ready to assist you at all times.