At the BGB Academy, we provide a comprehensive language course designed specifically for foreign dentists, equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive in a Dutch dental clinic and excel in the Dutch language exam.

Our aim is to make learning Dutch a breeze, while ensuring it remains enjoyable and entertaining. We achieve this by employing a team of highly qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching Dutch to dental professionals. In addition, we believe that learning should be a multisensory experience, so we incorporate interactive elements such as games, music, movies, and other online tools to make the process engaging and dynamic.

To further enrich your language journey, we also offer extracurricular activities that provide plenty of opportunities to reinforce your language skills. Moreover, we developed an intuitive online learning environment during part 4 that empowers you to practice and enhance your Dutch independently, anytime and anywhere.

Together, we strive to create a supportive and vibrant community where learning Dutch becomes an exciting adventure.

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Daniëlla Visser

Language Course Creator & Coordinator

The BGB language course

The language course consists of 20 weeks of classes, divided in 4 ‘blocks’ with a duration of 5 weeks each. Each block is aimed at achieving a level of the CEFR, with the ultimate level being a B2+, which will be certified through a final exam. The first 2 blocks will be online and you can follow them from home, whereas the following 2 blocks will be held at our physical BGB Academy.

Would you like more detailed information about the study-load, the schedule and learning methods? Download the PDF file with our course structure here!

Our Academy location

Currently our BGB Academy is located in Seefeld in Tirol, Austria. At this location, surrounded by beautiful mountains, our students are staying in Hotel Wetterstein where they also follow our Dutch course. However, some new and exciting changes are coming up and for groups starting from October 2023, we will change our BGB Academy to a new location in the Netherlands.

More information about our new location will follow soon!

The Dutch language exam

Foreign dentists who would like to start a new career in the Netherlands are required to undergo the Dutch Language Exam to be registered in the BIG-register.

This comprehensive exam comprises four distinct components, each focusing on a different language skill: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The exam content will revolve around Dentistry Dutch.

Our specialized Dentistry Dutch learning method, incorporated throughout our course, ensures that you will be fully equipped to tackle this exam with confidence.

Furthermore, our course is thoughtfully structured to familiarize you with the exam’s format as early as part 3, enabling you to anticipate and prepare for what lies ahead.

Should you not pass the exam on your first attempt, there’s no need to worry! You can still start your career in a Dutch dental clinic while working under supervision, and we will provide continuous guidance until you succeed.

While the Dutch language exam may seem like a challenge initially, rest assured that by enrolling in our course, you’ll discover there is nothing to fear.

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BGB Academy for dentists in Holland

Our BGB program helps foreign dentists start a new career in the Netherlands, and our BGB Academy extends its support to foreign dentists who are already settled in the country and would like to learn Dentistry Dutch, prepare for the language exam or undergo the Dutch language exam.

All courses can take place either online or at our headquarters in Koog aan de Zaan, a mere 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. The Dutch language exam also takes place at our headquarters. Since we know dentists have busy schedules, our exam dates are flexible.

To learn more, visit our  BGB Academy website (in Dutch) and contact us to sign up, or ask any questions you might have.

Dutch for Dentists

Are you curious to see what it’s like to study Dutch as a dentist at our BGB Academy? Our BGB dentist Andreia will tell you all about it in a video we made while she was following our language course!


Would you like to get a glimpse into the world of Dentistry Dutch? Take a look at our Dutch for Dentists series on Youtube and start your language journey!

BGB stories

A fulfilling and rewarding experience

BGB values you as a dentist and is always by your side.

BGB were so helpful at getting us settled in.

I am so happy about my decision!


Frequently asked questions

Every foreign dentist who wants to work in the Netherlands needs to be registered in the so-called BIG register. This is the register for healthcare professionals in the Netherlands.

The BIG requires a number of documents for your application. If you’re a foreign dentist from another European country, one of these documents is proof of language proficiency. You can obtain this proof by passing the Dutch language exam.

The level of the Dutch language exam is a B2+ level. Therefore, the minimum required level to work in the Netherlands is B2+.

The Dutch Language Exam for Medical Professionals is a mandatory exam for healthcare professionals who would like to work in the Netherlands. To legally work in the Netherlands, you need to be registered at the BIG register. In order to be registered, you need to submit proof of sufficient language skills. The certificate you receive after successfully passing the Dutch Language Exam is recognized as sufficient proof by BIG.

Before, this exam had the same structure as all the different language institutes offering this exam. That meant two exams (A + B ) that consist of the following parts: writing a summary about a dentistry-related article, giving a presentation about said article, acting out a role-play and writing a patient report. The language level of this exam is a B2+/C1 level.

However, since 2023, institutions are free to decide on the structure of the exam, as long as it has 4 components: reading, listening, speaking and writing, and as long as the language level remains the same.

Therefore, we have created a new language exam for our dentists, with a different structure. Starting July 2023, dentists take 4 exams, one exam for each skill: reading, listening, speaking and writing. It’s important to note that each exam will be in the context of Dentistry Dutch.

Dentists who are already in the Netherlands are also welcome to take this new exam at our office in Koog aan de Zaan. We now also offer this exam to students with a non-EU diploma.

Once you’ve finished the BGB Academy course, it’s time for the Dutch language exam. The level of this exam is a B2+ level, and you need to have sufficient knowledge of dentistry Dutch.

It can happen that you don’t fully master Dutch on a B2+ level yet and therefore, you don’t pass (or only partly pass) the Dutch language exam.

If this is the case: don’t worry! You will still move to the Netherlands. The first week is dedicated to arranging some practical things while you stay near our office. If needed, you will follow an extra training during this week and reattempt the exam. After, you will start your internship of 3 weeks. In the case you haven’t passed the exam yet, we will offer you extra classes (included in the BGB program) to raise your language level. We will then schedule a date for your next try. We will continue this process as long as necessary.

However, almost everyone receives their BIG-registration within 6 months after finishing the course.

To obtain the BIG registration in the Netherlands, foreign dentists need to have a B2+ level of Dutch. BGB offers a language course with a total length of 4.5 months with both online classes and classes in person. It is an intensive course with a heavy study load. Therefore, many dentists are wondering if it is still possible to work whilst doing the language course.

The language course consists of four blocks and, apart from the first block (Code + Deel 1) in which you will follow online classes of 1.5 hours three times a week, it will be very unlikely that you will be able to continue your job. This has everything to do with the amount of hours you’ll spend on the Dutch classes and homework. As the duration of the classes increases to 3 hours each day during the second block, we strongly recommend you to cease working at this point.

By the time you’ve reached level A2, you will move to our physical location and spend the last 10 weeks studying full-time. As you will be situated in a different country than your own, it will no longer be an option to continue working. Moreover, you’ll need full focus on the language course which, in the end, will enable you to work as a dentist in the Netherlands.