When I finished school, I wanted to experience what it’s like to work and live in another country. My boyfriend always talked about the Netherlands in superlatives, so I tried to find out more about the whole process of moving and working in this country. When I found out about BGB, I sent a message to a BGB recruiter (Aneta) and after our first conversation I knew it was the right choice. I had a few more interviews and had the opportunity to get to know other BGB employees (Dário, Rita and also the owner Sebastian). They all seemed friendly and easy-going, which made me a little suspicious because I wasn’t used to such treatment of future employees from my home country, but I realised it wasn’t an act and that all of these people were nice and friendly in reality.


Do I regret moving to the Netherlands and working for BGB? Absolutely not! Of course it’s a tough decision to make when you’re considering such a big move, and it also takes a lot of nerves and determination, but BGB makes everything much easier. They’ll help you with everything – they’ll teach you how to speak Dutch (from 0 to the level where you’re able to communicate with your patients), they’ll help you find a house/apartment and most importantly help you find the clinic that is best suited for you. If you have a problem, there’s always someone you can ask for help. In my opinion there are not many employers like BGB.


In conclusion…if you’re thinking of working as a dentist in the beautiful Netherlands – BGB is the right choice!

About the dentist

Foto Martin dentist in the Netherlands
Name Martin Zapletal
Country Czech Republic

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