We have lots of stories to tell you at BGB and what better way to do so than with video? We can tell you about our BGB program and show you pretty photos of the Austrian Alps – but we figured it would be better if Andreia would show you her own personal experiences instead. So we are kicking off our new video series with Andreia’s personal story!

Andreia is a Portuguese dentist and in the summer of 2020 she had her first contact with our former recruiter Simone from BGB. After she talked to Arjen, the head of Recruitment, about the possibilities of working in the Netherlands. She was honest about her situation and told us that she was actually planning on starting a new career in France,  where she had received an interesting offer. But, she didn’t want to close any doors either and she listened to our story. That turned out to be the start of a great collaboration. We were very excited about Andreia as a candidate and it turned out we were a great match for her as well. She got more and more interested and she also knows a few other Portuguese dentists who made the move to Holland. In the end, we decided to start this adventure together. She still had some athletics competitions to finish but in the summer of 2021, it was finally time to start with our Dutch language courses and, as we speak, she passed her language exam with a great result, and she just started working in a Dutch dental clinic. Congratulations Andreia!

We’re very happy that we started working together and that she wanted to show her personal experiences at our BGB Academy.

You can watch Andreia’s story below. If you are interested in knowing more about what BGB can do for you, then get in touch with Arjen at arjen@bgbdentistry.nl.


About the dentist

Name Andreia Crespo
Country Portugal

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