While working in Portugal, I got the idea to leave my home country to expand my professional horizon, together with my girlfriend. I took the time in the COVID pandemic to make new future plans.

My first contact with BGB was through LinkedIn, which was followed by an introductory conversation with Dário from BGB. Dário is also from Portugal. Through this conversation I gained trust in BGB, which was of high importance to me. The program was discussed in detail and carefully explained. Shortly after, I stepped into the program and it went as smoothly as promised. The combination with the COVID pandemic was quite an obstacle but BGB helped me through this. Obviously, I was uncertain and anxious about the future in the Netherlands. BGB was, and is still there for me at all stages. I never felt lonely in the process.

I appreciate the open-door mentality and the transparency. BGB was always clear about everything. I feel very lucky! My girlfriend also works in the Netherlands now and is very happy about our new life.


About the dentist

Dentist Ricardo working in the Netherlands
Name Ricardo
Country Portugal

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