My partner and I moved to the Netherlands with the help of BGB and we are both so happy with how it went. Everything went really smoothly, despite the coronavirus pandemic, and BGB always had a plan A, B and C to solve any problems that came up with covid.

The Dutch teachers were great, and made learning the language in such a short time interesting and fun.

BGB were so helpful at getting us settled in, and helped us get great jobs in a clinic where we fitted in great.

Every person we have come into contact with in BGB have been so friendly and helpful. They really have a great bunch of people working together to help dentists with their new lives.

I don’t think we could have organised the move on our own, so we are really happy that we found BGB to help us.

About the dentist

Dentist Robyn The Netherlands
Name Robyn (Glasgow)
Country Scotland

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