It has not been always easy but it gets better every single day and it’s 100% worth it.

I didn’t particularly plan to live abroad, it was never my big dream and to be honest dentistry in the Czech Republic is on a high level. We also have a lack of dentists as they have here in the Netherlands, so nothing pressured me to move to the different country. But sometimes life just happens and when you see an interesting opportunity, when you meet interesting people with a vision, you simply say: why the heck not?! So here I am. The beginning was tough, me and my now husband moved just before the first lockdown in 2020, my first clinic was not exactly the match made in heaven so I had to switch places but BGB helped me through these challenging times, not just professionally but also personally.

Three and half years later, I own a house, I’m pregnant with our second child, and I work at the perfect clinic with the best colleagues, so I can say that the initial struggles were worth it. Sometimes, the good things just take time.

About the dentist

Name Dominika
Country Czech Republic

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