I graduated as a dentist in Budapest, Hungary in the summer of 2020. I was planning for a while to move to the Netherlands and to start my career here.

Since my partner is Dutch, I could speak the „everyday language”, but my skills needed a boost to reach a professional level. I contacted BGB about the help they could provide me. It was very important to me not only to pass the exam, but to have the confidence in my Dutch to be able to deal with the everyday challenges of the clinical work.

The offer I got from BGB was an intensive 2-day private course before the 2 parts of the exam. The course was tailored to my needs, I learned the right amount of theory and practical skills. The teachers were well prepared and flexible, they were very helpful to answer my questions between the course and the exam too. Getting the proper training helped me to not be so nervous about the exam and to easily pass it.

During the course and the exam I got to know the people who work at BGB. They were very kind from the first moment on, even on the first day (which is usually a bit awkward) I was integrated and felt like this is not my first time seeing these people.

I had a great experience with BGB, I can wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone who wants to start their career in the Netherlands and who wants to face the challenges of learning the language with the help of a great team.

Dominika currently works in a clinic in Hoorn, a city in the Northwestern part of the Netherlands.