I had a lot of interest in working outside Spain, so I was looking for the opportunities that I had, and I found BGB.  It looked like the most serious one that I found. I got in contact with Arjen and what he told me about the program really suited me. The Netherlands was also one of my favorite destinations so it was perfect for me.

The BGB language course was pretty chilled, it is something that you can succeed in easily if you put effort in it. If I can do it, everybody can. Don’t think that you are gonna finish the course speaking perfect fluent dutch, but it is definitely enough to treat a patient, to understand the problems people are dealing with and I could give them an explanation of the treatment. After that it will get easier each month.

It was awesome that you could get the BIG registration within 4 months. If I would have to do everything by myself I would spend a lot more time learning Dutch. It was not an option for me to lose 2 years of my life studying the language.

The first months in the dental practice I had a little bit of a problem with the accent from some of the patients, but my colleagues helped me out really well. The thing I like the most about working in the Netherlands is the work schedule. I start around 8 and finish at 16.30. In Spain I would finish around 9. Now I have the whole afternoon for myself. I work 4 days a week. Also the money is a reason for me. I can’t really mention a lot I dislike.

In a professional way I totally recommend BGB, don’t even think about it, do it. When I need something I can ask BGB and they always try to solve the problem for me. But you do have to think about if moving to another country and change your life is something for you. There will always be things that you struggle with.


Would you like to see more about Pablo his experiences in the Netherlands? Check out the Youtube video below, where Pablo & Carlos share their story! 

About the dentist

Name Pablo Mena
Country Spain

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