After graduating as a dentist from the University of Barcelona, I found myself at a crossroads. I had the whole world ahead of me, and I yearned for new experiences and challenges.

At first, I was filled with doubts about how, when, and where I would work. The prospect of starting a new life in a foreign country seemed both exciting and frightening. However, it was during this time of uncertainty that I came across BGB, an organization that specialized in helping professionals like me transition to living and working in the Netherlands. Their services provided me with a sense of security, as they offered assistance with language, employment opportunities, housing, and more.

I went through several interviews with BGB, and their team was incredibly supportive throughout the process. They helped me navigate the intricacies of finding a job in a new country, and their guidance gave me the confidence to take the leap.

One of the reasons I chose the Netherlands as my destination was because I had visited the country before and fell in love with it. The quality of life and the fantastic experiences I had during my vacation convinced me that it would be a fantastic place to live.

Looking back, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity and do not regret my decision. Despite the initial nervousness and doubts, I managed to overcome obstacles and make a successful transition to my new life. BGB was there for me whenever I encountered any problems or had questions, and their continuous support was invaluable.

Right from the start, I was fortunate to find a fantastic dental clinic in Deventer. There, I have not only learned a great deal professionally but also grown personally. I like the working environment, and my colleagues have been instrumental in helping me settle in and adjust to my new surroundings.

I wholeheartedly recommend BGB to anyone considering a similar journey. Their expertise and assistance have made all the difference in ensuring a smooth and successful transition. Thanks to them, I am now thriving in the Netherlands, living my dream of working as a dentist in a beautiful country that offers an exceptional quality of life.

About the dentist

Name Briggitte Morales Velez
Country Spain

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