I must say, after I first spoke with BGB members, it didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to go to the Netherlands. I was always interested in other cultures and lifestyles and because of that, it wasn’t so difficult to make a decision.

The only thing that stood in my way was learning the Dutch language. I understood that it was neccessary, but for me, that was the only disadvantage of the plan. But after a while, as Dutch people would say – het valt mee (it’s not so bad)!

Not only was I in love with the language, but spending time in Seefeld, the most beautiful Austrian village in the middle of the Alps, was definitely an experience I could never forget.

Everything is easier in good company, especially with the family, and that is exactly what we have become. Doing everything together, laughing, learning, skiing, hiking, having fun and preparing for the next adventure, the time just flew by. What was once the one thing that held me back, soon became the biggest advantage of the journey.

If you ask me, I would do it all over again! And once more.

About the dentist

Dentist Dora working in the Netherlands
Name Dora
Country Croatia

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