Me and my partner became interested in moving to the Netherlands in 2020. We already had a friend living over here who we had visited, and we saw first-hand the nice quality of life and opportunities the Netherlands offered. After doing further research and comparing with several other countries we decided the Netherlands was the best choice for us.

The obvious worry we first had was the language barrier. Having never committed to learning another language before, we did not know if this would be achievable, especially in the timeframe proposed.

Although challenging, learning the language went a lot better expected. The course material provided by BGB was extremely thorough and well thought out, and the teaching staff were excellent. Having the latter part of the programme in Seefeld, Austria was also an amazing experience unique to the BGB programme.

The BGB programme has been extremely helpful in helping to integrate properly into the Dutch lifestyle and culture. Helping teach you the language is only one benefit of the BGB programme. Having countless members of staff available to help with almost all aspects of moving abroad takes so much stress away from what could be a very stressful process.

So far, I have loved living in the Netherlands and do not see myself moving in the foreseeable future. There is a good work-life balance here with so much available to do in your free time. My dental clinic here is of a high standard with the latest up-to-date equipment and good supporting staff, making it easier for me to provide stress free dentistry to a nice standard.

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fresh start in a country where they can provide high-quality dentistry in a supportive environment whilst still having time to enjoy their other interests and hobbies.

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Name Jack
Country United Kingdom

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