Hello, I’m Inês and just like you, after having concluded my dentistry studies and also have worked in several dental practices, I’ve faced some difficulties in achieving one of my major objectives : financial independency, good rewarding work and a good work-life balance. That’s why I’ve decided to take the next step and to move to another country to try my luck as a dentist abroad.

After good searching and reflecting on the potential working opportunities, The Netherlands was the winner! And why, may you ask?…. well, I really don’t know! Maybe I like challenges and learning a completely new language was a good challenge for me! I came across BGB via Facebook and decided to get in touch with the team.  After a nice conversation with the recruiter, I had a nice feeling about the process and after some months I saw myself learning Dutch.

The BGB Academy team has amazing teachers and coordinators that help you in this challenging process of learning dutch in a simple and funny way 🙂 , giving you the right tools and confidence to succeed in your BIG exam as well as making your life in a Dutch dental practice easier 😉 !

This is not an easy step to take and like everything in life, it has positive things and things that are less positive. As you know leaving your own land is not easy, but if you’d asked me if I would do it again, my answer is YES!

About the dentist

Name Inês Nunes
Country Portugal

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