About 3 years ago I wanted to work abroad, So I started to look at different countries. At first I wanted to work in a country where they spoke English, but then I decided I liked the challenge of learning a new language more. I looked into France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Between those 3 it seemed like the Netherlands had a better balance between work and life. The Netherlands was also a country that needed dentists and I was always interested in it. I had friends that worked with BGB from a few years ago and they had a good and smooth experience with BGB. So it was the only company that I knew that was trustworthy. I had my first conversation with Arjen, he was the main person who helped me through the recruitment process.

The doubts I had before going to the Netherlands were mostly in relation to my work: will I be able to speak proper Dutch with the patients? Are the protocols more or less the same as in Portugal?

The BGB language course has a lot of plusses; it has a really good structure and it had a good portion of intensity. BGB put us in a position that made it pleasant to learn. You never felt that you knew enough, but it always felt like it was possible to learn the language. The Seefeld experience was unique.

What I like about the Netherlands is that the work-life balance is much better than in Portugal. I have a lot more free time.

The rhytm in the clinic can be quite intense. You see more patients but they are more direct and less chatty than in Portugal, so the treatment goes faster. In terms of quality, you have more good materials that you can use at the clinic. All the right conditions for a good treatment are there, but sometimes, you can feel a bit rushed.

I would recommend BGB, they delivered what they promised. I don’t think I could have worked as fast in the Netherlands and be registered in the BIG if not for BGB. In January I quit my job in Portugal and in June I was working in the Netherlands and speaking Dutch with patients. That is something I did not think was possible.

About the dentist

Name Pedro Osório de Castro
Country Portugal

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