At a job fair in Porto I came into contact with BGB. At that time, I was in my 3rd year of college. After I finished university I was contacted by BGB, and they asked me if I was still interested in their  project.

This was a great opportunity for me since I was enthusiastic about living in another country and I was not very satisfied with what dentistry in Portugal could offer me in the long term. At first I was doubting about my abilities of learning a new language and being able to communicate with Dutch patients, using professional language. Because of the support of BGB and the great guidance of the teachers I can now confidently walk patients through their dental process.

Thanks to BGB, I am independent and I have the chance to grow in my profession and in life. I live by myself, I am financially stable and proud that I made this step. I often imagine not taking this decision and possibly still living with my family in Portugal, I would have missed a lot of experiences I’ve lived I start this journey. We have a great oportunity to get know a new culture and new people, we can make new friends and have a good time in another country that we start to call our home.

I can proudly advise this project to everybody. The Netherlands can really provide a great quality of life and balance.  Instead of surviving, I am actually living. My life has changed in a very positive way and I am very grateful for this opportunity.


About the dentist

Portuguese dentist Sara working in The Netherlands
Name Sara Silva
Country Portugal

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