When writing about my experience with BGB, I worried if I would be able to say so much in a few sentences. I also think I will have to use some Dutch words!

Approximately 2 years went by since I made the decision that I wanted to continue building a career abroad, and signing a contract with BGB. For 2 years I communicated with people from BGB, got to know them well, gained full trust in them and wrapped up all my jobs, obligations and plans in my home country, survived a few months of living in the Corona crisis, postponed my departure and then reactivated it
And here I am. I have been living and working in the Netherlands for 2 months now. When I look behind me and remember mid-October 2020, when I started online Dutch classes, I didn’t know how to say anything in Dutch. And now, 6 months later, when I speak and write and think in Dutch, I can say that everything is possible due to BGB and their indescribable organization and my dedicated work, determination and a great desire to work in the Netherlands.

And all the way from online classes, to the Seefeld trip in the middle of Corona travel ban, classes with Dutch teachers, all day environment of Dutch language and culture but in stark contrast to nature, in the hilly Tyrolean Alps, total Tyrol lockdown in February, inability to communicate in person with the owners of dental clinics, BIG exam, the uncertainty of the trip from Seefeld to the Netherlands, everything, absolutely everything, went smoothly, really smoothly, cheerfully and with a lot of laughter and unforgettable memories.

If I had set out on this adventure earlier, I would not have had the privilege of hanging out with more than 10 extraordinary and dear people every day, hiking and skiing on weekends for 10 weeks while all Tyrol travel is delayed, when not going on winter hollidays because borders are closed. I just then enjoyed it to the fullest, studied, had fun, progressed and finally got to where I had long imagined myself to be.

Finally, I would like to summarize my BGB experience in 5 words, Dutch words:
Leuk, gezellig, genieten, lekker, fantastisch.

If you don’t understand them, use a dictionary or contact BGB and start learning Dutch! (Het zal alleen maar meevallen.)

About the dentist

Croatian dentist in the Netherlands
Name Andrea
Country Croatia

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